Kids Fitness Challenge Overview


Twice during the calendar school year Fall (November) and Spring (May/June)


The Kid's Fitness Challenge is free for Massachusetts elementary and middle school teachers or administrators who are looking to motivate students to take part in physical activity.


1.) Register 


2.) Plan Your Activity

  • Plan, at a minimum, a 30 minute segment of physical activity for the entire school to take place from June 2nd - 6th. 
  • You can also use an existing program or event, such as a field day, that your school is scheduled to hold in the weeks preceding the dates of the Challenge

3.) Report 

  • After your school has completed its activity, the school contact is responsible for reporting to the Bay State Games by Monday June 9th
  • The report should include your lesson plan for your school's event, how it taught the students about physical education, and how you would spend the $500 grant if you were to win
  • Email your report to