Kids Fitness Challenge Testimonials


As a former physical education teacher and past co-chair of the Joint Committee on Education, I’ve seen firsthand how important it is for our kids to maintain a good level of activity in their daily routine. The Kid’s Fitness Challenge is an excellent program that not only inspires children to become more active, but also helps our commonwealth’s schools by awarding much needed grants to health and physical education departments. I recommend to all our schools that they participate in this program.


- Massachusetts State Representative Patricia Haddad



This challenge was just the right fit for us.  I appreciated the flexibility this challenge offered which allowed me to put together something that would work for our students and as a result we had a really wonderful day.  We look forward to making this an annual event for the Germaine Lawrence School.


- Mary Fitzgerald, PE and Health and Wellness Teacher at the Germaine  Lawrence School in Arlington, MA



Today our entire school, Pre-K through 8, participated in Dance Dance Revolution. We had a great time! It was something we had never done before so the children were very excited about participating. My principal took pictures and all in all it was a successful experience - one that we will love to do again. Thank you!


- Jane Powers, Physical Education Teacher at St. Anna Catholic in Leominster, MA



St. Paul School completed the Kids Fitness Challenge on Friday, June 1st.  The students were very excited knowing that they were joining with all the other schools in Massachusetts during this Kids Fitness Challenge week!!  It was nice for them to be a part of a big event because we are a small school of about 260 students.


- Mary Snell, Physical Education Teacher at the Saint Paul School in Hingham, MA



As proud as I am that all students and teachers participated, I am even more pleased to report that this event brought together students of all ages in which the older students were engaging and even helping the younger ones. It is this type of event that promotes fitness as well as school community that makes it so important. As a new P.E. teacher in a P.E. program that is improving day to day I can't wait to participate in next year’s events.


- Kurt Anderson, Physical Education Teacher at Riverbend School in Athol, MA



It was a nice community builder for the Brayton community. Kids who don't normally see each other had a chance to get together. And it was just another way for them to learn the message that being physical is better for them.


- Karen Daigle, Physical Education Teacher at Brayton Elementary in North Adams, MA



Thomas M. Balliet School did a fitness walk for the entire school on June 3rd and 4th. All students participated as well as staff. We had close to 289 students walking and everyone had a great time. The students had never participated in anything like this before since the school has not had physical education in over 10 years due to its lack of facilities. Thanks, Bay State Games!


- Patricia R. St. Laurent, Physical Education Teacher at the Thomas M. Balliet School in Springfield, MA



I am so pleased that we completed our 30 minutes of physical exercise and everyone who was able to participate did. We did some warm-up exercises and then we partnered up the seventh and eighth grade students with the kindergarten and first graders and then the remainder of the classes. We walked around our school and neighboring buildings on a beautiful day. Thank you for coordinating this activity. We had a great time and as much as we would love to win one of the grants, it was worth the fellowship and fresh air even if we don't.


- Tish Dray, Physical Education Teacher at The Imago School in Maynard, MA



This afternoon, the entire school took a mile walk.  It was a beautiful day in the North Berkshires and everyone enjoyed our time outside.  Many of the children suggested we do the walk weekly ....teachers thought it would be a great idea!


- Karen Gallese, Principal at Clarksburg Elementary School in Clarksburg, MA



The students in all grades moved and danced and had a wonderful time while working out!  We finished the day with a healthy taco lunch - chicken tacos, fruit, and a big glass of milk. It was a great way to combine all of our students in a fitness day, making them aware of the importance of getting outside and moving around and playing, and making good choices in the food we put into our bodies. It was a win win situation!


- Linda Mattson, Principal at Holy Trinity Regional School in West Harwich, MA



I must say it was phenomenal to see my whole school moving at the same time! Everyone loved it and are still talking about it today!


- Mary Genois, Physical Education Teacher at Stoney Brook Elementary in Brewster, MA



Our school, just completed our Fitness Challenge today. All students, pre-school through grade 8, participated with excitement and enthusiasm. For the Challenge, each student challenged themselves to complete as many laps as possible around a designated route for thirty minutes without stopping. There were runners, joggers and walkers. Some classes even completed the challenge twice as they helped younger grades complete the course.  Some of the 8th graders had to work hard to keep up with their kindergarten buddies. The pre-school class walked the course as a group and also moved creatively to music. The challenge was a great motivator and the kids wanted to work hard to win again this year. Lots of the children asked if they could do the challenge again next week. Thanks for the opportunity to win funds to enhance our physical education program.


- Kathy Mathieu, Physical Education Teacher at St. Joan of Arc/St. George in Chicopee, MA



We completed our Kids Fitness Challenge on Wednesday, June 2, which is also National Running Day. A quarter mile track was set up for our students and we celebrated Kids Fitness Challenge Day by running/jogging for 30 minutes! The students were tired, but had a great day. Even the weather cooperated. It was a perfect day to get outside and exercise!! Thank you for hosting this wonderful event.


- Cindy Coughlin, Physical Education/Health Teacher at the Alice B. Beal Elementary School in Springfield, MA